Lou & Karen

This wedding was definitely a 2-day event that our crew definitely can't forget. This special occasion celebrating the marriage of Lou and Karen was full of moments that could never be forgotten and also full of many "first time experiences" for us as well. We enjoyed being there with them every step of the way along with enjoying the moments with them.

We typically try not to include ourselves too much into our clients storybook day(s) but with this beautiful connection of two perfect individuals, we found ourselves enjoying the festivities and moments more than we've ever had. We haven't been to a wedding as guests in a long time but for this wedding, they were so warming and close with us that we felt apart of it. 

There were many firsts that occurred for us at this wedding! It was actually, believe it or not, the first time that we've been rained on during the bharaat entrance! However even though it was coming down, we still kept shooting and got some awesome photos! We also never had the chance to capture photos of anyone break dancing but at this wedding, one of the groomsman got down and started break dancing! Not only was it spectacular that he was break dancing and doing windmills at the wedding, but it was a first for us to see it happen to Tassa drumming! And man oh man - when a groomsman usually dances to take off the garter, it's usually kind of corny or cheesy - but Lou gave us all a performance that had all of us practicing or dance moves when no one was looking! 

One of the most important things to us while being able to capture a clients wedding is being able to achieve a close relationship with the bride and groom. Being that we're the photographers and we're there with them every second of the day - we have to make it our duty to be able to keep the bride and groom as happy as can be or else the photos wont be so magical. However with Karen and Lou - it wasn't a duty but more so a pleasure to be able to get to know these two individuals and develop such an awesome relationship with them!

Thank you for allowing us to capture your beautiful marriage! Enjoy the pics everyone!