Amrit Manoj Mahabir

Photography has always been a source for me to be able to thoroughly express myself as well as ideas that are bursting to get out of my consciousness. I have always found that the language and communication in the art of a photography to be something so deeply personable as well as powerful"Whenever I cannot find the words to perfectly describe it, I simply take a photograph."

Allow me to Introduce myself....

My interests in photography first began as I started traveling more and more often. I decided to further my education by obtaining my degree in Architectural Design as I have always been fond of the concepts of design especially in living spaces. While achieving my degree, I also found it to be equally important to practice and sharpen my photography skills by getting a minor in photography. In doing so, I began to evolve my genres of photography and practices. I began photographing scenic and architectural sites/buildings and then evolved to editorial and model photography. From gaining such an interest in the human subject, I realized that people really do create the most magical moments to capture which is how I began shooting weddings and events for people specifically. Capturing that special single moment to last a lifetime, as cliché as that sounds, is something that I hold very dear to my work as well! This journey has been an incredible ride so far, and seeking perfection is always the greatest challenge to achieve!

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