Haley + Matt's Surprise Engagement

With every surprise engagement always comes the hugely anticipated anxiety on the photographers end (usually) to make sure that everything goes perfectly as planned! However, for this surprise engagement by Matt - I had NO anxiety what so ever and the moments were absolutely priceless!

I’ve known Matt for about 5 years so it was pretty easy to discuss the details with him as he and I are both coworkers. Every thing went smoothly as planned on this evening and we couldn’t have asked for any better! I can’t give any details as to the specifics of how we orchestrated this special surprise (as its a red flag for possible future surprised brides lol) however every detail was delivered spot on and we had the best conditions to work with.

Matt discussed with me in detail his passion for sunsets and also visually showed me his personal portfolio of sunset photos. Matt is definitely a “sunset connoisseur” as he knows the times and specific style each sunset produces! He expressed his knowledge for the imagery of the rays of the sun, the minutes after of when the sun illuminates the clouds as its right above the horizon, and also described the effect of the reflections on the water. It was an honor to be able to capture the special moment, detailed and wrapped, in the elements that Matt specifically expressed enjoying while with whom he specifically enjoyed experiencing them with!

Everything was perfect - the weather (even though we both looked at the forecast and saw that there was a heavy chance of rain) was perfect, the timing was perfect, the ambiance was perfect, and every detail helped to paint the perfect picture! Everything worked out as perfectly as can be as the moment couldn’t have been any better.

Knowing Matt for about 5 years and getting to finally meet his significant other was very warming to experience on my side of the lens as Matt is an awesome guy who deserves such a Gem as Haley. I couldn’t be happier for both Haley and Matt having found each other! All the best to Haley & Matt and congratulations once again!

Stay tuned!

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