Rae's Sweet 16

Rae's Sweet 16

Rae's Sweet 16 - Portrait pics on her special day of birth and a day of amazing celebration! 

Rae is an amazing individual! As we arrived to the location for shooting portraits for her and her family, I met Rae and was astonished by how beautiful her make up was done and was in awe to find out that she had did her own make up! When we got there, she was in the middle of doing the make up for all the ladies in her family!

Everyone looked fabulous and the make up on all the beautiful ladies was flawless!

It was a pleasure shooting this gig for the family, as they were very professional and warming. We felt right at home and they were very helpful in allowing us to capture their moment for their memories. 

Also, it was very warming to see how Rae carried herself in such a professional and mature manner. To see a 16 year old girl be so mature and loving around her family was assuring to see that our society hasn't lost itself and that our future still has such great hope for greatness to occur! 

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