Radica's 50th Birthday Extravaganza!

Radica's 50th Birthday Extravaganza!

This wonderful evtravaganza was out of this world! First of all, it was a fabulous birthday event, everyone there had a blast and it was packed with a lot of surprises that kept the night interesting and fun. Lots of family, Lots of love, Lots of celebrating!

This party was packed with all the works. To start it off, it was a Great Gatzby themed event, and there for all of the decor as well as the favors were consistent with the rich and royally warm colors of gold and cream palettes. Also, everyone was dressed to impress along with the theme of the party!

This event was decked out with awesome surprises such as a surprise tassa band, which set the party off as soon as the beat dropped, if you know what I mean. Also, there was another surprise that was pretty out of this world, an Ice Sculpture! After having experienced this family party, I find it necessary for EVERY party to have their own personalized Ice sculpture!

Cant wait to be able to be apart of the next extravagant party that this family throws!

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