The perfect day for the perfect moments to occur in perfect harmony! Shelly and Anthony both tied the knot in such a beautiful manner and having been apart of it, we feel extremely honored and thankful to have been able to capture such beautiful moments.

It all started with that moment they contacted us to inquire about photography for their special wedding!

We ended up booking them for an engagement shoot along with capturing their special moments for their wedding! I personally felt extremely lucky to have had them booking with us because they helped us through a difficult time during the engagement shoot. During the engagement shoot one of my team members fell ill and they were there to help us make sure everything was okay along with being there to make sure that nothing extremely bad happened. Not to go into to much details, but it was a moment that had never occurred before and they were saviors for us and we're extremely thankful.

Now onto more attention on their special day, it was such a beautiful and extravagant wedding occasion! Everything from a huge stretch SUV that looked impossible to even occur along with some really incredible and intense entrances. The day was perfect as well! The confirmation of such a beautiful and perfect day to capture wedding portraiture definitely set the tone through the day. The weather was excellent, the colors outside were sharp and beautiful, the moments with all of the bridesmaids and groomsman played along well, and the vibes of pure positive emotion emanated through out the evening.  The evening was beautiful, with a very sweet and loving wedding ceremony and then followed by the reception in which we had some awesome entertainment and surprises. This wedding was proven to be a day or pure joy and happiness! 

We definitely enjoyed ourselves and look forward to working again with them in the future!

Take a moment to check out the photos and spread the love!