Michelle and Michaels Special Family Shoot

Never do I expect a dull moment when out shooting and this photoshoot most certainly kept me on my toes! Here is a photoshoot I did with Michael, his daughter Bella, and his (at the time) expecting wife! Perhaps, these shots I believe were taken just a week before the arrival of their beautiful baby daughter Gabriella Anjani! Lucky enough, they gave me the opportunity to go out with them on their family outing to take some beautiful family photos. 

It was such a beautiful day and everything was fabulous, like a stroll in the park, per say! It was a great shoot and being that I love to photoshoot kids as well, for they are the best little models and make every photo shine like no other. In this case, little Bella was such a star and definitely stole the shine in the photos even though this shoot was some what to be a maternity style shoot along with the family. Even so, the photos came out quite awesome and it was a pleasure to snap the photos for this loving family. It was also quite a lot of fun as Michael also is a die hard fan of photography and also knows quite a bit about the elements of creating beautiful photos. Being able to collaborate with him in setting up shots was a great experience and made things go by even smoother. What a great session this was!

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