Christine + Govinda Surprise Engagement

What an amazing event this was! This surprise engagement was like a dream come true! While capturing these moments, I couldn't help but to feel like I was in a real life magical disney movie, watching the moments unfold to the very special moment that Govinda got down on one knee to propose to Christine! This surprise was one to go down in the books for sure!

Govinda had been planning this surprise engagement for almost 6 months and I was well aware of the surprise from the very beginning. He came to me and showed me a few pics of what he had envisioned his special moment to be like... and I have to be honest. When I saw the pictures of what he wanted and how he wanted the surprise to go, I thought that he was a little in over his head mainly because such an extravagant surprise is almost like the impossible to pull off! But I must give credit where it's due. He and his family and close friends and in laws were able to pull it off miraculously and it was a success!

He had started setting up early and every was helping from the very beginning. His vision was to have her think that this is a new year party that they're all going to be having and so she needed to arrive there wearing red (and of course he encouraged her to get her nails and hair done as well.) The moment occurred in an event hall where the double doors would open, she would walk in and see a pathway of rose petals lined with candles which led to a huge formation of a heart made out of candles filled with rose petals, in which he was standing in. She walked in.... and the rest was perfection! Enjoy the photos!