Angela & Steven

The Pre-Party Party is just as important as any other moment during a Muslim wedding (Nikkah). For this lovely couple, Angela & Steven - we were invited to capture moments from their Mehindi night and it was a spectacular night with great eats, dances, performances, and family time!

This moment was pretty spectacular for us - we got to meet more amazing people and get to know more about how genuine and kind people are - as well as another great example of what true love is. Angela and Steven both were so nice to us and they welcomed us with open arms and allowed us to enjoy every moment along with them instead of making it seem like another job.

Also - as we are in Florida - at times the weather can change dramatically and drastically. At this moment, we were on the Eve of hurricane Matthew. Even with everything going on and all of the events leading up to a supposed disastrous result - it so happened that everything happened as smoothly as if no hurricane were in sight! This is the proof of true love! With even the greatest of love not even a hurricane can stop it!

Also - this was another team effort between my second photographer (my lovely and amazing girlfriend Ashley) and I along side a make up artist whom we are beginning to work with more frequently to build a production line. We met Rae as her family hired us for her very own sweet sixteen - and from then on we saw how talented her make up application is and so we are beginning a new team effort at building a large scale production team! 

Please enjoy the photos and share!