Yazmin Weds Peter

On this very day we were given the opportunity to shoot a beautiful traditional American style wedding on the water way in Daytona at the Crystal Ballroom!

Congrats to Yazmin and Peter as they have tied the knot in such a beautiful aroma of perfection. Everything was such a delight on this day. The weather was bright and breezy allowing us to have a nice cool touch while outside experiencing this beautiful matrimony. The skies were clear and blue providing a beautiful scenic background for the evening. The love in the air was felt by everyone who was present as the tradition of the pouring of the sand to signify two bodies melding into one occurred in moment of love and purity. Everything went perfect!

This was a fun day for us because we were also hired to capture some drone videography as well as capture photos of the evening. All went extremely well and successful and we couldn't have asked for any better!

Best of luck and sending all of the happiness and love in the world to Yazmin & Peter!
Check out the photos!