The Orlando Eye

So my family and I love taking little family adventures and of course doing the "touristy" thing whenever we do get a chance, and on this small family adventure of family time, we visited The Orlando Eye! It's a beautiful structure, has a nice layout and design - definitely a nice place to go and spend some quality time together with the family. However, to be very honest, attraction itself is well made, but I enjoyed the architecture and engineering of this piece way more than actually being on it! (could have something to do with my degree in Architectural Design.

I found myself to be checking out the structure itself and how it operated while on it rather than checking out the view. The view was nice, but really and truly there isn't much to see when up there because there aren't very many physical attractions to see from the high view point! But I will say, it is a nice place to take a loved one to have a romantic evening view of the city. But in no way am I saying that this trip isn't worth it! Go check it out, and check out the photos I was able to grab as well! Thanks for tuning in!