Stacy Weds Sarron

What a beautiful day it was as Stacy and Sarron began their lives in holy matrimony! And indeed it was an experience non the less!

It was such a pleasure to have been able to have captured such beautifully natural and relaxed moments with these newly weds, as they both have such a great and beautiful spirited sense of humor! It was an awesome moment for me as well as I began to enjoy the festivities and awe struck moments as I got to watch as well as photography a long time friends wedding! Ive known Stacy since maybe, 5 years old I would say, and so to be able to capture her special day was definitely a beautiful moment for me as I got to watch her smile and see how incredible happy she is with a true gentleman, Sarron. 

The day was filled with beautiful scenery, incredible moments, great music, delicious food, great people, loving friends and family, sparklers and more!

Its amazing to see the chemistry that both Stacy and Sarron both had! One thing that I love to speak about, is interaction between the camera and the couple! This couple, took me for a run as I was completely blown away by how naturally photographic they were! At times, I dont think they acknowledged that I was there because they were literally off in their own world, however the pictures came out incredible none the less! It was a movie moment, to see how happy they were and it wasn't a show for their people. They literally were happy and it was such a pleasure to have been able to capture each moment for them!

Check out the photos!