Singh Family Portraiture

This photoshoot was pretty amazing! I have shot with Renita Singh on multiple occasions as she is a publicized model in the Orlando and Tampa area, but on this occasion I was given the opportunity to grab some Family Portraits for her and her family as she was looking for some new family portrait shots. 

For every shoot that I book, I try to find a factor or element that makes each shoot stand out on it's own as well as make it unique. It's something that I've always found amusing when out shooting, because there is Always something different about each shoot from the previous. There were two pretty incredible factors to this photoshoot that I found to be astonishing. 

First off, one of the things that I experienced and witnessed in this shoot was that each individual had a specific style and character to their lifestyle that was very noticeable - and in one specific shot I was able to capture that! After testing out my camera and lights for a few test shots, I finally got into my groove and so I had asked the family to "Quickly!! Strike a Pose! Do something Extraordinary!" and thus resulted in the Black and White photo in the collection! In this photo, Each Individual exhibited a specific trait that I found to be very accurate in their lifestyle and who they were! Never have I witnessed nor experienced that feeling before.

The second thing that I found to be interesting was that this family went through three outfit changes in a total of an hour of shooting! Something like this is unheard of! I was left speechless and just couldn't believe how orderly and organized the entire team effort was. Thusly, my new appreciation for readiness and promptness!

Family Portraits are always beautiful and connected - I can't wait to book my next family portrait gig!