Shelly & Anthony

This engagement was so special for us. We got to meet this incredible couple that we've never met before and they allowed us to also get to know them during this engagement shoot to plan for shooting their wedding! 

There are so many amazing things I can say about this couple (now newly weds - wedding reception pictures to be coming soon!). 

This 1 hour engagement shoot was a lot of fun! Both Shelly and Anthony are awesome people and they kept the jokes and laughter rolling. While doing this engagement shoot for them, we got to know each other and we all realized that it was going to be an awesome time for the wedding as well.

My second shooter and I definitely appreciate them for being there and allowing us to shoot their special moment but also helping out with some other things that happened that day. We had a bit of an emergency and amazingly/luckily both Shelly and Anthony were there to help and assist to the max. If it wasn't for them, things could have gone pretty wrong. 

But to sum it up, the major key was that they were so loving and naturally perfect models to capture such incredible photos! We couldn't wait to be able to shoot their reception for them because we knew how epic it would be (and it was!)

Check out some of the photos and leave some love!