Seeta's 50th Bday

I've known this family for the longest and after being contacted to capture photography for Seeta's 50th birthday celebration, I became overwhelmed with joy and happiness to take on this photography experience and was honored to have been given the chance to shoot for them!

This celebration was a two day event that was completely filled to the brim with performances by Seeta, other spectacular artists and musicians, as well as dancing and celebrating the special moment for Seeta! It was fabulous because not only was it enjoyable for the guests, family members and friends, but it was also quite enjoyable for myself as the night was filled with Ghazals from my childhood, classic indian love songs that everyone is familiar with! What an experience it was, not only to hear the artists and musicians composing but also to hear the glee in Seeta's voice as she was able to celebrate along with everyone!

The second day was also pretty spectacular as well as everything was put together in a very prestigious manner. First of all, there was a red carpet greeting which is always a nice classy touch! Then the rest of the night just followed right along in its spectacular setting. Everyone looked sharp, the Decor looked magnificent, the speeches were heart warming, the food was fulfilling, and the partying was non stop!"

Thanks for the opportunity to have been included in this chapter in your life Seeta! Also, I would like to thank my assistant photographer and girlfriend for being such a big help as well as capturing some incredible moments for the team! Check out the rest of the photos!

Also, if you were there in attendance, most likely you got your picture taken for the red carpet, please check the rest of the photos in the album to find your picture!