Sam Weds Chris

Congrats to Sam and Chris, the newly weds! What an awesome and auspicious day this was! Everything went smooth and it could not have been any more beautiful!

Everything from the rituals, people, colors, designs, henna, decor, dances and special moments were all so well planned and put together!

Sam, whom is also a coordinator as well as planner, had such a great vibration about her from the very beginning as she completely had envisioned the perfect wedding and was determined to make it just as she saw it! Just as she planned it to be, so it went! 

Chris also was on point this day, it was a pleasure working with both Sam and Chris - Chris as well was one to have envisioned the perfect moment for his beautiful bride and in being able to see what you want, you're able to chase after it and get it! There was a moment when I told both Sam and Chris to "quickly strike a pose!" and Chris quickly grabbed Sam, dipped her back and allowed for the perfect moment for an amazing picture!

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Once again, Congrats Sam and Chris!