Nabila + Yusef

Nothing is more precious than having a small intimate wedding with those whom are closest to you to fill your day with love! This special and most auspicious Nikah ceremony tying together Yusef & Nabila was a day that emanated pure love, smiles, and happiness! Nothing could be more sacred and beautiful than a intimate gathering with all the close family members all together near their lake front ceremony.

Everything went perfectly well and according to plan on this day which is truly a factor that proves how legitimate this connection was. The day was perfect outside, the clouds were picture perfect, the breeze coming off of the lake was strong yet refreshing. Each family member showed so much delight and the entire gathering emanated pure love and happiness! 

Both Yusef and Bila are just incredible individuals and they were so warming to my crew and I. We had a blast shooting your wedding and we hope to work together soon in the future with you both! Best of luck on your beautiful matrimony and once again, congrats!

Be sure to check out the photos and drop some comments! Oh and make sure to check out the short first look clip too!