Mod Mag Submission

"We conform to mundane society, yet society continuously proclaims that originality must be strengthened within ourselves in order to affirm a dynamic individual existence of power and grace. What do we do? How do we find our true meaning?

We abide by society's rules and regulations while examining our strengths and disabilities in order to reach a "safe haven" of brilliant perplexed concepts and values. While making these attempts of perfection, we traverse the line to becoming a dynamic, powerful, and graceful new individual as we burst out of the confines of everyday fashion."

Photography is all about self expression. Everyone sees the world, but it's all about showing an audience (even including oneself as an audience) how you see the world through your own eyes. Not only is photography a platform to be able to express what one sees, but it is also a form of art in which one is capable of showing the world what you're capable of and how you can be distinguished from the rest while bringing new awakenings to the table. I personally like to defy all odds and do whatever I like when it comes to photography even when anyone tries to tell me otherwise or tell me how I'm supposed to be capturing such moments. We all see the world differently; bring what you have to the table and lets push ourselves to new innovative styles and as well as push each other to do better. 

__ Assistant Photographer __
Ashley Lorraine Hernandez Gonzalez

__ Model __
Renita Singh