Miss India International Janvi Lalani

I was given the opportunity to be able to shoot with a Miss India International Pageantry winner, Janvi Lalani, and it was a shoot that turned out proving of great characteristic quality and also quite a bit of exploration! As this shoot was a lifestyle shoot to primarily show the grace and presence of a new Miss India International winner, it also became a shoot of great exploration allowing my subject to become even better acclimated to having the lights, flashes and camera in her face! Also, as she is now beginning to travel more due to her new status and prestige, she is definitely beginning to take in more the lifestyle of being a front runner and an ambassador for other girls her age. Janvi, also is a dancer in which she is very passionate about training and dancing. She follows the form of all types of indian dance, and as the shoot progressed, her bubbly dance personality began to shine more and more. So this shoot was an awesome shoot in the mere fact that as the shoot progressed, the pics began to look even more and more amazing. Kudos to Janvi Lalani and best of luck in your future endeavors! Stand by for a future bollywood shoot of contemporary art and dance style!