Jani's Surprise Engagement

It's moments like this that honestly make mesit back and truly enjoy the most beautiful things that someone can do to be able to make that one moment special for their loved one. On this day, Kevin was not only celebrating his graduation and newest achievement, but also found it to be most auspicious to get down on one knee and in a magical manner, pop that one very special Question. 

It was months of planning, and as we met with Kevin to begin planning this special surprise I knew it was going to be a special moment in his life. I could see how elaborate and delicate he was taking the concept in of planning that special moment to his now fiance, Jani. The whole idea was to set this up as a graduation photoshoot specifically for him. He frankly told me many times, "try not to take pics of her!" and I constantly was responding that I probably should take some, just so it it'll play better, along with the whole surprise as well as getting pics to accommodate the concept of the surprise engagement. But he kept replying "no dont worry! it will be perfect, she will begin to feel left out only to realize that this whole thing is just for her!" and so I agreed with him!  

Although it was a very poor day due to weather and conditions outside, we still found a way to make this engagement spectacular! It was set up to rain all weekend, and we were drizzled on throughout the entire morning! However, miraculously enough, the rain stopped just in time to pull out the cameras. We began shooting Kevin in his grad gown and even had Jani help us hold equipment! (sorry Jani!) But slowly and little by little, we started to make our move to the spot where we wanted to capture the moment best for the surprise! As we made it to the spot that we wanted to capture the magic moment, I once again had to try my very best to maintain Jani's attention by beginning to take photos of her with the family members, whilst Kevin sneakily set up canvas' in the background that were being held by his nieces and nephews which read, "WILL YOU MARRY ME ?" 

Then, it happened! Kevin reached down and grabbed Jani, turned her around and she saw the signs, only to turn around see Kevin down on one knee! It was absolutely perfect! This is definitely a moment that I'll never forget, as Kevin placed the ring on her hand and she gave him a big hug and kiss to commemorate the moment. It all worked out so well!

Thanks for the opportunity to capture your beautiful moment Kevin and Jani!