Ann's 60th Birthday Celebration

It seems like a lot of my clients are spreading my name out quite a bit because luckily I am able to capture moments from parties from family members of previous clients! 

This specific birthday party was for the sister one of my special clients, and this family really knows how to show a splendid evening of partying and celebration to their guests! 

It was really nice to see all the familiar faces from the previous family's birthday party even and so being that they were used to seeing a familiar face for a photographer, pictures were even more fun because of the willingness for everyone to be jumping into each and every photo every time I had even brought my camera to my eyes! At one point I remember setting up a picture for about 5 people and then after about 10 shots there were about 25 family members posing in the same area to be in the photo! It was like after each snap I captured, another person would run in to be apart of it! That kind of dedication and determination to be in the photo is actually pretty awesome to see !

This event was such a pleasure and once again, this family is by far one of my favorite families to do photography for. I continue to say and admit that anytime this family is having an event, I'm definitely down for being there all day/night to capture photos because it's just one of a kind!

Until next time!